Alexander McQueen Autumn Winter 2016-17 Campaign

Introducing the Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2016 Campaign. Photographed by Jamie Hawkesworth featuring Mica Arganaraz and art directed by mm-paris.
Sarah Burton and Jamie Hawkesworth decided to embark on a journey of discovery. Sharing a mutual love for British nature and wildlife, the trip would begin at the Shetland Islands, the northernmost point of the country. Featuring Mica Arganaraz, the Autumn Winter 2016 Alexander McQueen campaign images are the result of an adventure capturing a young, surreal and intoxicating beauty against the wild and rugged Scottish terrain, and marks a new chapter in McQueen’s longstanding love story with the romantic nature of the British landscape.

Alexander-McQueen-Autumn-Winter-2016-17-Campaign-001 Alexander-McQueen-Autumn-Winter-2016-17-Campaign-002 Alexander-McQueen-Autumn-Winter-2016-17-Campaign-003 Alexander-McQueen-Autumn-Winter-2016-17-Campaign-004 Alexander-McQueen-Autumn-Winter-2016-17-Campaign-011 Alexander-McQueen-Autumn-Winter-2016-17-Campaign-012 Alexander-McQueen-Autumn-Winter-2016-17-Campaign-008 Alexander-McQueen-Autumn-Winter-2016-17-Campaign-007 Alexander-McQueen-Autumn-Winter-2016-17-Campaign-006 Alexander-McQueen-Autumn-Winter-2016-17-Campaign-005 Alexander-McQueen-Autumn-Winter-2016-17-Campaign-013


  1. The campaign from Alexander McQueen looks dramatic and sophisticated. Love the ruffled crochet maxi black gown and that white tailored tuxedo jacket.


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