Bebe Summer 2013 Lookbook – East Meets West

Bebe Summer 2013 Lookbook introduces these seriously versatile pieces into your wardrobe and go from office-chic to cocktail-ready in no time! Just add a blazer to your look during the day, then slip on your highest pair of heels for happy hour at night and voila, you’re workweek-fabulous!

Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-01 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-02 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-03 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-04 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-05 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-06 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-07 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-08 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-09 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-10 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-11 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-12 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-13 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-14 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-15 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-16 Bebe-Summer-2013-Lookbook-17


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