Dior Bird of Paradise Summer 2013 Makeup Collection

International Launch Date – May 2013 at Sephora, Macy and Nordstrom

Discover the new collection right after the jump.

Dior Summer 2013 Bird of Paradise Collection

Diorskin Nude Tan BB Cream (not available in Asia)

Diorskin Nude BB Crème provides the benefits of skincare and makeup in a fresh and airy formula. Enhanced with mineralized floral water and a blend of antioxidants, it moisturizes, smoothes, protects, and corrects skin with sheer coverage.

Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo – Limited Edition

  • Coral Glow (not available in Asia)
  • Pink Glow

Dior 5 Couleur Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

  • #434 Peacock
  • #374 Blue Lagoon

DiorShow Mono Eyeshadow – New

  • #273 Parati

I Couleur Eye Gloss – Limited Edition

  • #740 Zenith
  • #530 Golden Sand

Lip Maximizer Collagen Activ – Limited Edition

Dior presents a revolutionary lip care system that boosts volume instantly and restructures in the long term, thanks to a unique blend of hyaluronic and marine-based fillers that smooth, moisturize and leave lips irresistibly plump.

  • #001 Pink

Jelly Lip Pen – New & Limited Edition

  • #516 Copacabana
  • #476 Ilhabela
  • #636 Carioca
  • #656 Gaia

Dior Addict Lipstick – Limited Edition

  • #771 Passionnee
  • #751 Exotique
  • #471 Flamingo
  • #431 On The Beach

Dior Vernis Duo – Limited Edition

  • Bahia – green and fuchsia
  • Samba – metallic green and mint

Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-01 Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-02 Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-03 Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-04 Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-05 Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-06 Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-07 Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-08 Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-09 Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-10 Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-11 Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-12 Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-13 Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-14


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