Dior Prestige – Skincare for Delicate Skin

The culmination of nine years of research into the vital power of flowers, Le Nectar de Rose de Granville is the core element of the preeminent skincare range Dior Prestige . Discover the benefits of this concentration of vitality which provides skin with ali the strength and softness of a rose from Normandy.

It was at Granville, in the luxuriant garden of a villa perched atop a cliff, between earth and sea, that Christian Dior became enamored with flowers. “I take particular pleasure in being in the company of plants and gardeners, ” he wrote in his autobography. And of all the flowers, his favorite was the rose. It was this flower that he spent long hours cultivating with his mother, and which inspired his work as a couturier-perfumer. The rose is without question a Dior flower.


And so it makes total sense that the Dior scientists looked to the roses the couturier had grown up with to seek out active ingredients capable of enhancing a woman’s skin. Developed by Dior ethnobotanists and researchers from the wild and particularly hardy roses that inhabited Christian Dior’s garden, Nectar de Rose de Granville is a rich and complex recipe, giving to skin that same vital energy inherent in the flower growing on a cliff top, defying the elements and the aggression of the salty winds. The unique active ingredients of this exceptional nectar replenish skin deep down and combat the irritations that lead to aging. Henceforth, the Rose de Granville’s power penetrates deeply with the creamy new Grand Masque , literally enrobing the skin and allowing it to breathe properly once more. Skin is revitalized, smoother and more radiant, revealing its delicacy and beauty, just like a rose in bloom.



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