Dior Transat Summer 2014 Makeup Collection

It’s name reverberates like a call to sunny relaxation and long crossings: Transat, the beauty look conceived by Dior for Summer 2014, is.inspired by this cruise spirit that the House has never stopped reinventing.

Simply draped in a couture coat, under a large straw hat, she bathes in the bright sunny light on the bridge of an ocean liner, exposing her radiant beauty to the freshness of the sea breeze. This vision of timelessly elegant woman wearing the colors of Dior beauty is on of the reminiscences that have proved truly inspiring to the House’s collections since 1947. This highly specific cruise spirit was tasted by Christian Dior from the beginnings of his career as a couturier when, in order to receive the Oscar of fashion awarded him by the Neiman Marcus department store in Dallas, he set off on board the Queen Elizabeth on a transatlantic voyage: “It was the first time I took a large ocean liner for a long crossing” , the couturier remembered in his autobiography. And the memory would remain with him. A veritable invitation to travel, each of his fashion shows was a crossing of its own across the waters of elegance, in which the dress designed to dress his cruising women carried names like Passeport or Bon Voyage , Borneo , Cap Horn , Tropiques or Martinique , like so many dream destinations. And it’s in the footsteps of these creations in which the most Parisian elegance meets the beauty of the open sea that Dior has conceived its new Transat look. With an overseas wave on the eyelids, nails lacquered with Captain red or Yacht fawn, the Dior-wearing woman embarks on a cruise towards a horizon of new elegance.

Dior-Transat-Summer-2014-Makeup-Collection-06 Dior-Transat-Summer-2014-Makeup-Collection-05 Dior-Transat-Summer-2014-Makeup-Collection-04 Dior-Transat-Summer-2014-Makeup-Collection-03 Dior-Transat-Summer-2014-Makeup-Collection-02 Dior-Transat-Summer-2014-Makeup-Collection-01


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