Dior Trianon Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Dior has revealed its Trianon Spring 2014 Makeup Collection. The collection was inspired by Petit Trianon, the private estate of Marie-Antoinette, which is a small château (castle) located on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles in Versailles. Russian model Daria Strokous is the face of the Dior Trianon Collection Spring 2014 campaign.


Japan Launch Date – 10 January 2014

U.S. Launch Date – 15 January 2014 at Nordstrom and online at dior.com

International Launch Date – February 2014 at Douglas, Sephora, Marionnaud, Manor and Selfridges

Dior Trianon Palette – Limited Edition


  • Pistachio
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Iridescent Pink Powder
  • Black Liner
  • Pink Blush

Trianon Blush – Limited Edition


  • No.946 Pink Reverie – deep pink purple
  • No.763 Coral Bagatelle – cheerful coral
Diorshow Fusion Mono Matte – New
  • No.091 Nocturne – black
  • No.121 Celestial – purple
  • No.721 Dream – beige
  • No.761 Mirage – chocolate

5 Couleurs Trianon Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

  • No.234 Pastel Fontagnes
  • No.954 Pink Pompadour

Trianon Diorshow Mono – Limited Edition

  • No.170 Angelique
  • No.427 Opaline

Rouge Dior


  • No.531 Rose Crinoline – coral
  • No.757 Sovereign – pink
  • No.761 Courtesan – pink pop
  • No.774 Allegresse – pure fuchsia
Dior Addict Gloss
  • No.122 Mousseline
  • N0.382 Minauderie
  • No.442 Petillante
  • No.771 Exquise

Trianon Vernis

  • No.204 Porcelaine
  • No.777 Bloom
  • No.457 Bouquet
  • No.187 Perle

Dior Pore Minimizer Skin Refining Matte Primer

Dior Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer

Backstage Eye Prime

Lip Glow

  • Coral

Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-01 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-02 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-03 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-04 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-05 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-06 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-07 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-08 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-09 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-10 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-11 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-12 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-13 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-14 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-15 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-16 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-17 Dior-Trianon-Spring-2014-Makeup-Collection-18


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