Dustin Hoffman Interviews Claire Danes for Interview Magazine November Cover Story

American actor Dustin Hoffman has interviewed actress Claire Danes for Interview Magazine November Issue Cover Story

Poor Carrie Mathison. When we left her at the end of Season Two, she was dropping off Brody—the man who she believed she loved and just hours earlier was prepared to run away with—in the middle of the night at the side of a dark road.

Dustin-Hoffman-Interviews-Claire-Danes-06 Dustin-Hoffman-Interviews-Claire-Danes-05 Dustin-Hoffman-Interviews-Claire-Danes-04 Dustin-Hoffman-Interviews-Claire-Danes-03 Dustin-Hoffman-Interviews-Claire-Danes-02 Dustin-Hoffman-Interviews-Claire-Danes-01

You can read full story here


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