Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2015 Campaign

Introducing the new Emporio Armani spring summer 2015 advertising campaign, shot in Santa Barbara by Boo George. Set on the seashore between the dunes and the beach, against a clear blue summer sky, in the powerful yet soft light of sunset, the shots convey calmness and harmony.

Emporio-Armani-Spring-Summer-2015-Campaign-08 Emporio-Armani-Spring-Summer-2015-Campaign-07 Emporio-Armani-Spring-Summer-2015-Campaign-06 Emporio-Armani-Spring-Summer-2015-Campaign-05 Emporio-Armani-Spring-Summer-2015-Campaign-04 Emporio-Armani-Spring-Summer-2015-Campaign-03 Emporio-Armani-Spring-Summer-2015-Campaign-02 Emporio-Armani-Spring-Summer-2015-Campaign-01


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