Fendi The Artisans of Dreams is Now Open at Palazzo della Civilta Italiana

Fendi Roma – The Artisans of Dreams is now open to the public at Palazzo della Civilta Italiana, the Fendi Headquarters in Rome. The exhibit is an immersive, colorful experience that let’s you see and feel the imagination and workmanship that is Fendi’s DNA.

Fendi-The-Artisans-of-Dreams-is-Now-Open-at-Palazzo-della-Civilta-Italiana-06 Fendi-The-Artisans-of-Dreams-is-Now-Open-at-Palazzo-della-Civilta-Italiana-04 Fendi-The-Artisans-of-Dreams-is-Now-Open-at-Palazzo-della-Civilta-Italiana-03 Fendi-The-Artisans-of-Dreams-is-Now-Open-at-Palazzo-della-Civilta-Italiana-02 Fendi-The-Artisans-of-Dreams-is-Now-Open-at-Palazzo-della-Civilta-Italiana-01


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