Free People October 2013 Catalogue – Lost In Tokyo

Free People releases its October 2013 Catalogue, Lost in Tokyo….

Tokyo.  There is something so captivating about Tokyo, and Japan as a whole.  A place where busy streets, a sea of people, neon lights, and sleek, modern buildings contrast with ancient shrines and tranquil gardens. The concept of the book is a girl visiting a new place for the first time, wide-eyed and taking it all in.


The feelings of exploration, wonder, and discovery, are feelings we can all relate to. The catalog was shot by Guy Aroch and features models Elsa Hosk and Eimi Kuroda.

Free-People-October-2013-Catalogue-01 Free-People-October-2013-Catalogue-02 Free-People-October-2013-Catalogue-03 Free-People-October-2013-Catalogue-04 Free-People-October-2013-Catalogue-05 Free-People-October-2013-Catalogue-06 Free-People-October-2013-Catalogue-07 Free-People-October-2013-Catalogue-08 Free-People-October-2013-Catalogue-09 Free-People-October-2013-Catalogue-10 Free-People-October-2013-Catalogue-11 Free-People-October-2013-Catalogue-12


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