Giorgio Armani Frames of Life 2013 Campaign and Trailer

Frames of Life, the eyewear campaign launched in 2010, returns to the stage. This time the frame is a cafe in a big city square, a place where an unceasing flow of people converges, all with one thing in common:
the choice to wear Frames of Life glasses. Each photo captures one person in a real-life instant, revealing aspects of his or her personality and story.

The protagonists are: Luc, a writer; Carlos, a young barman; Nina, a talented cellist; Lucille and Adrian, two successful young architects.

A CRAFTSMANSHIP  production starring THE EYEWEAR with LUC, NINA, CARLOS, LUCILLE & ADRIAN co-produced by FRAMES OF YOU and CITY FRAMES In every frame of our lives, there are so many stories meeting, crossing and interweaving.

Giorgio-Armani-Frames-of-Life-2013-01 Giorgio-Armani-Frames-of-Life-2013-02 Giorgio-Armani-Frames-of-Life-2013-03 Giorgio-Armani-Frames-of-Life-2013-04


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