Harrods The Great Gatsby Hats

When we set out to create the 1920’s glamour of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby in our Brompton Road windows, we immediately reached out to the cutting edge milliners at Vivien Sheriff Ltd. For women’s headwear, the 1920’s was a revolution, with feathers, beads and vibrant colours shaping the flapper style that took the dance floors of the roaring twenties by storm. With this inspiration, Vivien Sheriff created an exquisite selection of pieces to help set a scene of unparalleled glamour.

Harrods-The-Great-Gatsby-Hats-01 Harrods-The-Great-Gatsby-Hats-02 Harrods-The-Great-Gatsby-Hats-03 Harrods-The-Great-Gatsby-Hats-04 Harrods-The-Great-Gatsby-Hats-05 Harrods-The-Great-Gatsby-Hats-06 Harrods-The-Great-Gatsby-Hats-07 Harrods-The-Great-Gatsby-Hats-08


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