Herve Leger by Max Azria Fall 2013 Campaign

Herve Leger by Max Azria Fall 2013 campaign explore the opulence of nature. The collection is Inspired by Les Lalanne, the artist duo who sculpted surreal animals and vegetation, who were unafraid of mixing different elements of reality, nature and a sense of imagination into their works of art.

A garden of urban expression inspires the color palette. Engineered jacquards, caviar and croco puffa technique, along with beading and stud details, add depth and vitality to the bandage. Structured clutches, booties and caps define the beat of an urban edge.

Herve-Leger-by-Max-Azria-Fall-2013-Campaign-01 Herve-Leger-by-Max-Azria-Fall-2013-Campaign-02 Herve-Leger-by-Max-Azria-Fall-2013-Campaign-03 Herve-Leger-by-Max-Azria-Fall-2013-Campaign-04 Herve-Leger-by-Max-Azria-Fall-2013-Campaign-05 Herve-Leger-by-Max-Azria-Fall-2013-Campaign-06 Herve-Leger-by-Max-Azria-Fall-2013-Campaign-07 Herve-Leger-by-Max-Azria-Fall-2013-Campaign-08 Herve-Leger-by-Max-Azria-Fall-2013-Campaign-09 Herve-Leger-by-Max-Azria-Fall-2013-Campaign-10 Herve-Leger-by-Max-Azria-Fall-2013-Campaign-11 Herve-Leger-by-Max-Azria-Fall-2013-Campaign-12 Herve-Leger-by-Max-Azria-Fall-2013-Campaign-13 Herve-Leger-by-Max-Azria-Fall-2013-Campaign-14


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