H&M Conscious Denim Line

Launching online and in stores on October 2, H&M Conscious Denim is the latest addition to the Conscious Collection, and the newest development in the brand’s attempts to clean up fast-fashion’s reputation for environmentally iffy production. And the brand picked its target well: when it comes to jeans, it’s not just about the raw materials, but also the processes used to treat them (denim washing is notoriously resource intensive).

HM-Conscious-Denim-Line-07 HM-Conscious-Denim-Line-06 HM-Conscious-Denim-Line-05 HM-Conscious-Denim-Line-04 HM-Conscious-Denim-Line-03 HM-Conscious-Denim-Line-02 HM-Conscious-Denim-Line-01 HM-Conscious-Denim-Line-08


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