H&M for Autumn/Winter 2013 – New Looks

Paint it black! Start off the new season by adding some fashionable black statement pieces to your fall wardrobe! Make your autumn style stand out with a mix of off-duty tailored pieces and feminine silhouettes inspired by the H&M fashion show in Paris.

H&M-for-Autumn-Winter-2013-New-Looks-02 H&M-for-Autumn-Winter-2013-New-Looks-08 H&M-for-Autumn-Winter-2013-New-Looks-07 H&M-for-Autumn-Winter-2013-New-Looks-06 H&M-for-Autumn-Winter-2013-New-Looks-05 H&M-for-Autumn-Winter-2013-New-Looks-04 H&M-for-Autumn-Winter-2013-New-Looks-03 H&M-for-Autumn-Winter-2013-New-Looks-02


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