Karlie Kloss for Animale Summer 2014 Campaign

The ANIMALE visited the ancestral and paradisiacal island of Bali to produce a summer collection 2014 with Essence urban and elegant. The sensations of the spa can be perceived subtly built into every piece in detail, this time, to give not only the structure but also asymmetry and fluidity to the clothes. For this season, the predominant model is the asymmetry. Each body part is treated as a single well to create a final look harmonious – with clothes that speak the language of the time.

Folds, drapes and precise cutouts and precious lead structure and lightness in the right balance – traits Summer 2014 ANIMALE fundamentally glamorous and “street-cool”.

And, to star in the campaign season, the ANIMALE invited Supertop American Karlie Kloss who modeled for the brand in SPFW summer 2014.

Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-01 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-02 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-03 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-04 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-05 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-06 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-07 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-08 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-09 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-10 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-11 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-12 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-13 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-14 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-15 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-16 Karlie-Kloss-Animale-Brazil-Summer-2014-Campaign-17


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