Kate Moss for Stella McCartney Fall Winter 2014 Campaign

Kate Moss is revealed as the face of Stella McCartney’s Winter 2014 campaign. It is the seventh time Kate and Stella team up. The scene of the photos, styled by McCartney herself, are set against landscapes of glaciers, forests and dark outer space – said to represent McCartney’s commitment to the environment.

Kate-Moss-for-Stella-McCartney-Fall-Winter-2014-Campaign-06 Kate-Moss-for-Stella-McCartney-Fall-Winter-2014-Campaign-05 Kate-Moss-for-Stella-McCartney-Fall-Winter-2014-Campaign-04 Kate-Moss-for-Stella-McCartney-Fall-Winter-2014-Campaign-03 Kate-Moss-for-Stella-McCartney-Fall-Winter-2014-Campaign-02 Kate-Moss-for-Stella-McCartney-Fall-Winter-2014-Campaign-01


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