Kendra Spears for Next Winter 2013-2014 by Victor Demarchelier

Kendra Spears features in the forthcoming campaign for Next (the British contemporary fashion brand) by Victor Demarchelier. There has been no shortage of press coverage of Kendra since her marriage to Prince Rahim Aga Khan at the end of August, but this latest campaign of hers puts the Seattle native back to where it all began: modeling.

Kendra-Spears-for-Next-Winter-2013-2014-by-Victor-Demarchelier-01 Kendra-Spears-for-Next-Winter-2013-2014-by-Victor-Demarchelier-02 Kendra-Spears-for-Next-Winter-2013-2014-by-Victor-Demarchelier-03 Kendra-Spears-for-Next-Winter-2013-2014-by-Victor-Demarchelier-04


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