KENZO Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

For the KENZO Pre-Fall collection for Women 2014 we wanted to observe both the ordinary elements of Northwestern America and their reflection. Modern lives have multiple facets and are not always what they seem.

We approach the collection with a view of portraying the everyday as distorted, classic as two-faced, the norm as twisted and the familiar as slightly skewed.

Our silhouette is fluid with feminine draping. We emphasize the obvious through enriching black and white blocks with lines reminiscent of fluorescent tubes typical in american diners. Eye-catching pop-solids enhance the palette with citrus yellows, KENZO green, fuchsia and sapphire.

Fringes on skirts and dresses are deconstructed, blown up and exaggerated. Collars appear as inserts on silk shirts and zips are exposed. TV static embroidered dresses are introduced alongside down filled, brushed wool jackets. Skirts are gathered at the waist and tops are cinched. Prints of doors to nowhere emphasize the unfamiliar. Contorted neon plaid prints augment the lineation on dresses, coats and tops.

The focus on contrasting elements continues into accessories where pumps feature printed wood enamel and metallic tigers. Reptile skin pochettes appear along with porte-documents and belts reading fire. For jewelry, opposites attract and metalized squares, circles and spheres stand alongside each other on necklaces and earrings.


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