Luisa Via Roma Title of Work Fall Winter 2013 Collection

Jonathan Meizler is the Creative Director of ‘title of work.’ Inspired by the art world, ‘title of work’ is uniquely curated and challenges tradition with a defiant twist. Focusing on an inherent sense of craftsmanship and a meticulous devotion to detail, Meizler’s aesthetic is defined by an architectural silhouette, modern embroidery and beadwork, and progressive fabrications.

Luisa-Via-Roma-Title-of-Work-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-06 Luisa-Via-Roma-Title-of-Work-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-05 Luisa-Via-Roma-Title-of-Work-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-04 Luisa-Via-Roma-Title-of-Work-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-03 Luisa-Via-Roma-Title-of-Work-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-02 Luisa-Via-Roma-Title-of-Work-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-01



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