The new M Missoni Spring Summer 2017 advertising campaign reflects an upbeat and feminine girl with a unique and confident style.

Glitter glam, a super feminine and totally today appeal with a free upbeat spirit sweeping in influence from graphism to modern art to hippy-folk mood. M Missoni’s glitter glam for Spring/Summer 2017 makes a dazzling statement thanks to the major presence of lurex and to extra shots of color, color, color…
Bursts of graphic modern and folk help art shape this super colorful collection, making it versatile, wearable and distinct, encompassing its true roots. Bold eye makeup compliments M Missoni’s strong signature style, patterns and prints.

Behind the lens, british fashion photographer Mel Bles gave life to the models, Mckenna Hellam through improvised dance. Stand outs include Isabella Ridolfi as a strong, energetic young woman, inspired by music and movement. Art direction is by Jasmine Raznahan, styling by Vanessa Reid, while hair is styled by Gary Gill and makeup by Gemma Smith Edhouse.

The images are accompanied by a video, showing enthusiasm and creativity through dance and movement, holding true to the values of the M Missoni brand.