MAC Cosmetics Disney Maleficent Make-Up Collection

As we mentioned before that MAC Collaborates With Disney on Maleficent Make-Up, here is the first look to the collection.

The Mac Cosmetics and Disney’s Maleficent makeup line is composed of a powder, lipstick, lip gloss, lip pencil, nail lacquer, eye shadow, fake eyelashes and more. Available exclusively at MAC Makati and MAC Rockwell come June 2014, which is just after the movie’s theatrical release date, the line embraces shades of red, gold and brown to create an air of dark mystery.

MAC-Cosmetics-Disney-Maleficent-Make-Up-Collection-01 MAC-Cosmetics-Disney-Maleficent-Make-Up-Collection-02 MAC-Cosmetics-Disney-Maleficent-Make-Up-Collection-03 MAC-Cosmetics-Disney-Maleficent-Make-Up-Collection-04


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