Mango 70s Inspired Festival Lookbook

Spanish fashion brand Mango has released its new music festival lookbook featuring 70’s retro revival. Relaxed silhouettes and bohemian airs revive the free spirit of a decade that set the trend in every sense. Ondria Hardin and Julia Bergshoeff star in the lookbook.

Mango-70s-Inspired-Festival-Lookbook-01 Mango-70s-Inspired-Festival-Lookbook-02 Mango-70s-Inspired-Festival-Lookbook-03 Mango-70s-Inspired-Festival-Lookbook-04 Mango-70s-Inspired-Festival-Lookbook-05 Mango-70s-Inspired-Festival-Lookbook-06 Mango-70s-Inspired-Festival-Lookbook-07 Mango-70s-Inspired-Festival-Lookbook-08


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