Massimo Dutti The NYC 689 5th Avenue Collection

Chapter two of the “689 5th Avenue” Collection. Our past, present and future brought together in a special limited edition with a name that predicts fashion from all angles: Revisited eternals from our most iconic collections made from the latest high-quality noble materials and finishes with 100% genuine deluxe detailing created in Italy and Portugal, with tomorrow´s woman and man in mind.

“689 5th Avenue” is arriving at our stores with a new fashion issue filled with surprises and at the hand of the model Karmen Pedaru and David Gandy.

Flagship stores:

Germany: Munchen Theatiner

Belgium: Bruselas Av. Louise

USA: Washington-Georgetown

United Arab Emirates: Burj Dubai Mall

Barcelona: Rambla Cataluña, Paseo de Gracias, L’illa, Puerta de l’Ángel, L’Illa y Portal Angel

Madrid: La Moraleja, Serrano, Paseo de la Habana

Bilbao: Gran Vía

Seville: Avenida Libertad

A Coruña: Francisco Mariño y Juana Vega

Mallorca: Born

A Coruña: Juana de Vega

France: Paris Champs Elysees

Holland: Amsterdam PC Hoofstrasse


Italy: Milan Corso Vittorio Emanuelle, FIR- Via Roma

Turkey: Estambul Istinye

Mexico: Atrios

USA: NY 5th street

Russia: Moscú Europeynsky, San Petersburgo Galeria

Switzerland: Zurich

Massimo-Dutti-The-NYC-689-5th-Avenue-Collection-01 Massimo-Dutti-The-NYC-689-5th-Avenue-Collection-02 Massimo-Dutti-The-NYC-689-5th-Avenue-Collection-03 Massimo-Dutti-The-NYC-689-5th-Avenue-Collection-04 Massimo-Dutti-The-NYC-689-5th-Avenue-Collection-05 Massimo-Dutti-The-NYC-689-5th-Avenue-Collection-06 Massimo-Dutti-The-NYC-689-5th-Avenue-Collection-07 Massimo-Dutti-The-NYC-689-5th-Avenue-Collection-08 Massimo-Dutti-The-NYC-689-5th-Avenue-Collection-09 Massimo-Dutti-The-NYC-689-5th-Avenue-Collection-10 Massimo-Dutti-The-NYC-689-5th-Avenue-Collection-11 Massimo-Dutti-The-NYC-689-5th-Avenue-Collection-12


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