Max Mara Elegante Fall Winter 2013 Collection

Introducing Max Mara Elegante Fall Winter 2013 Collection. On the red carpet, in Hollywood, for parties or fashionable appointments, MAX MARA ELEGANTE dresses and cocktail dresses stand out for their sophisticated, modern allure. Interpreting the concept of elegance in a contemporary key, the style of the collections is never taken for granted or excessively habillé, privileging clever modelling and impeccable tailoring, as well as constant research into fabrics and details, over excesses and overly easy decorative effects. Creations to dream in, yet equally feminine and easy-to-wear, made from the most precious fabrics in an always up to date colour palette.

Photographer: Dewey Nicks
Model: Mirte Maas

Max-Mara-Elegante-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-10 Max-Mara-Elegante-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-09 Max-Mara-Elegante-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-08 Max-Mara-Elegante-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-07 Max-Mara-Elegante-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-06 Max-Mara-Elegante-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-05 Max-Mara-Elegante-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-04 Max-Mara-Elegante-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-03 Max-Mara-Elegante-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-02 Max-Mara-Elegante-Fall-Winter-2013-Collection-01



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