Nadja Bender & Tommaso De Benedictis for Gucci Watches & Jewelry 2014 Campaign

Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry is pleased to announce the launch of its new global advertising campaign at Basel world 2014.

Shot in London by Sølve Sundsbø, the portraits evoke the creative aesthetic of 1960’s photographers Franco Rubartelli and Olivo Barbieri. The glamorous feel of this new campaign is synonymous with the timeless spirit of Gucci. The featured models, Nadja Bender and Tommaso De Benedictis have both often collaborated with the House for advertising campaigns and runway shows.

The campaign, comprising six visuals, encompasses three timepieces and a selection of fine jewelry items. The three featured watches are the new Horsebit timepiece for women, which is decorated with a diamond pavé embellishment around the top of the case, the Interlocking timepiece in 18kt pink gold and blackPVD and the G-Timeless Slim Automatic for men, distinguished by its light silver diamante pattern dial, contrasted with a black leather strap.

Jewelry includes three of Gucci Jewelry’s most iconic ranges – the Horsebit, Bamboo and Diamantissima collections. A Horsebit bracelet and ring is shown in 18 kt yellow gold while the Diamantissima collection is presented with a trio of rings. Finally, three styles of the wide Bamboo bracelets in yellow, pink and white gold encrusted with diamonds complete the images.

The photographs will be featured at Basel world 2014 and in all media outlets from April 2014.

Nadja-Bender-Gucci-Watches-Jewelry-2014-Campaign-12 Nadja-Bender-Gucci-Watches-Jewelry-2014-Campaign-11 Nadja-Bender-Gucci-Watches-Jewelry-2014-Campaign-10 Nadja-Bender-Gucci-Watches-Jewelry-2014-Campaign-09 Nadja-Bender-Gucci-Watches-Jewelry-2014-Campaign-08 Nadja-Bender-Gucci-Watches-Jewelry-2014-Campaign-07 Nadja-Bender-Gucci-Watches-Jewelry-2014-Campaign-06 Nadja-Bender-Gucci-Watches-Jewelry-2014-Campaign-05 Nadja-Bender-Gucci-Watches-Jewelry-2014-Campaign-04 Nadja-Bender-Gucci-Watches-Jewelry-2014-Campaign-03 Nadja-Bender-Gucci-Watches-Jewelry-2014-Campaign-02 Nadja-Bender-Gucci-Watches-Jewelry-2014-Campaign-01


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