NARS Eye Paints for Fall 2013 – Eye Shadow & Eyeliner All in One

For Fall 2013 Collection NARS will add a new range of eye makeup, a multitasking gel formula that works as an eyeliner and an eye shadow. NARS Eye Paint comes in a little pot and will be offered in ten shades to start with, and two finishes- cream and shimmer.

When used as eyeliner, pair with the new Angled Eyeliner Brush #38 for a perfectly defined eye. Comes in 10 shades for a full range of artistry.

NARS Eye Paints will be on sale at September 1st.

Eye Paint ($25.00) (New, Permanent)

  • Black Valley Black
  • Interstellar Silver
  • Iskandar Gold
  • Mesopotamia Brown
  • Mozambique Olive
  • Snake Eyes Black with green shimmer
  • Solomon Islands Turquoise blue
  • Tatar Black with purple shimmer
  • Transvaal Grey
  • Ubangi Black with blue shimmer


  • #38 Angled Eyeliner Brush Angled brush ($26.00)

NARS-Eye-Paints-for-Fall-2013-01 NARS-Eye-Paints-for-Fall-2013-04 NARS-Eye-Paints-for-Fall-2013-05 NARS-Eye-Paints-for-Fall-2013-06 NARS-Eye-Paints-for-Fall-2013-07 NARS-Eye-Paints-for-Fall-2013-08 NARS-Eye-Paints-for-Fall-2013-09 NARS-Eye-Paints-for-Fall-2013-10 NARS-Eye-Paints-for-Fall-2013-11 NARS-Eye-Paints-for-Fall-2013-12


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