Natalie Portman for Diorskin Star Makeup Campaign

Inspired by the expertise of the photo studio makeup artists, and embodied by the actress Natalie Portman, the brand new makeup range DiorSkin Star lights up the face, creating a complexion fit for a star. Discover the campaign images and the film.

What gives the stars their unique beauty? A natural radiance, a way of capturing the light, a singular aura, just like the one that emanates form Natalie Portman when she’s in front of the camera. But it’s also the unique talent of the makeup artists, true experts in the art of revealing the natural glow of these muses when they pose for the greatest photographers. A dab of powder here, a sweep of makeup there, and – voilà – the skin is lit up.

Inspired by the savoir-faire of these professionals, but also by the bonds that have always linked the House to the most prestigious photographers and the biggest stars – from Marlene Dietrich to Marilyn Monroe in the past, to Natalie Portman, Marion Cotillard and Charlize Theron today – the Dior beauty division developed DiorSkin Star,  a line of makeup that corrects blemishes and wrinkles, the better to light up the face. It’s like a spotlight turned on the complexion: at once makeup and skincare product, the foundation erases imperfections, correcting the skin texture, and brightening the face. It’s applied with the aide of the Backstage Blender,  a tool specially conceived by the Dior makeup artists to glide over the curves of the face and distribute the product as uniformly as possible. For that camera-ready look: applied as the final touch, the Concealer  sinks into the skin and lifts the eye area, rejuvenating and brightening the wearer’s expression.

Natalie-Portman-for-Diorskin-Star-Makeup-Campaign-07 Natalie-Portman-for-Diorskin-Star-Makeup-Campaign-06 Natalie-Portman-for-Diorskin-Star-Makeup-Campaign-05 Natalie-Portman-for-Diorskin-Star-Makeup-Campaign-04 Natalie-Portman-for-Diorskin-Star-Makeup-Campaign-03 Natalie-Portman-for-Diorskin-Star-Makeup-Campaign-02 Natalie-Portman-for-Diorskin-Star-Makeup-Campaign-01


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