Rag & Bone Spring Summer 2014 Mens Campaign by Glen Luchford

For their women’s and men’s Spring Summer 2014 campaigns, rag & bone cast French-born acting newcomer Stacy Martin and American actor Emile Hirsch.

Both campaigns were shot in and around downtown LA by world renowned photographer Glen Luchford using 35mm and 16mm film.

“We cast Stacy and Emile as we view them as interesting characters. Both are fearless when it comes to their craft which we find cool,” – David Neville, rag & bone

“We wanted to shoot Stacy and Emile in a real way and loved the idea of motels as they represent the other, less shiny side of LA.” – adds Marcus Wainwright, rag & bone

Martin, whose breakout role is in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, reveals the campaign appealed to her as the premise entailed, “capturing moments, rather than a perfect picture.”

The brunette London-based beauty added the motel locale made her feel, “as if David Lynch characters were going to come join us.”

California native Hirsch, who can currently be seen in the acclaimed Lone Survivor and will next take on the role of the John Belushi in the upcoming biopic, said of fronting the campaign: “rag & bone is a cool brand that is sophisticated yet still hip at the same time.”

The star added he particularly enjoyed skateboarding in the empty pool. “I liked the motel, it was run down but also classic and nostalgic.”

Musing further on the location of the campaign, Hirsch offers; “Los Angeles to me is the city of dreams, a roller coaster with equal highs and lows down the tracks. I happily call it home.”

Additionally, Luchford shot two films of the talent.

Both campaigns have been creatively directed by Jefferson Hack’s London-based agency MAD with art direction from Sara Hemming at DJA.

Hair and make-up/grooming by Didier Malige and Gucci Westman respectively.

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