Rebecca Minkoff DENIM 2013 Lookbook

With five denim styles in five different colors and two t-shirt styles, there’s something for every girl.

Tuck them in, cuff them, or just simply mix and match: it’s the perfect template for your casual summer look.

Rebecca-Minkoff-DENIM-2013-Lookbook-01 Rebecca-Minkoff-DENIM-2013-Lookbook-02 Rebecca-Minkoff-DENIM-2013-Lookbook-03 Rebecca-Minkoff-DENIM-2013-Lookbook-04 Rebecca-Minkoff-DENIM-2013-Lookbook-05 Rebecca-Minkoff-DENIM-2013-Lookbook-06 Rebecca-Minkoff-DENIM-2013-Lookbook-07


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