Schield Autumn Winter 2013 Jewelry Collection by Diego Diaz Marin

Schield presents “The Exhibitionist”. A new photo story told from the hand of the photographer Diego Diaz Marin, to present the new autumn winter collection of jewelry brand.

It is the story of a beautiful woman, very full of himself and suffers from a “mild” histrionic personality disorder, resulting in a compulsive need to show off, that will need to sneak into a museum and pretend to be the protagonist of a fashion shoot set in an artificial jungle.

A frenzy that will soon be soothed by the arrival of security personnel of the museum, violently, the pull out of its lush glass case.

Photographer: Diego Diaz Marin
Stylist: Roberto Ferlito and Diego Diaz Marin
Model: Anna Rudenko (women management)
Hair Stylist: Nino Maiorana
Make up Artist: Carla Sorrenti

Diego-Diaz-Marin-Anna-Rudenko-SCHIELD-12 Diego-Diaz-Marin-Anna-Rudenko-SCHIELD-02 Diego-Diaz-Marin-Anna-Rudenko-SCHIELD-09 Diego-Diaz-Marin-Anna-Rudenko-SCHIELD-05 Diego-Diaz-Marin-Anna-Rudenko-SCHIELD-11 Diego-Diaz-Marin-Anna-Rudenko-SCHIELD-07 Diego-Diaz-Marin-Anna-Rudenko-SCHIELD-13 Diego-Diaz-Marin-Anna-Rudenko-SCHIELD-04 Diego-Diaz-Marin-Anna-Rudenko-SCHIELD-03 Diego-Diaz-Marin-Anna-Rudenko-SCHIELD-08 Diego-Diaz-Marin-Anna-Rudenko-SCHIELD-10 Diego-Diaz-Marin-Anna-Rudenko-SCHIELD-01 Diego-Diaz-Marin-Anna-Rudenko-SCHIELD-06




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